Corinthia: Investigation into the possibility of incest in the family of the early Christians – The thriller with the children

One of the 46-year-old's children, who will be taken to the prosecutor, was pregnant but has not said who the father is

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The case of the family of early Christians in Corinth has taken on thriller dimensions with the police, according to information, also considering the possibility of incest.

As the president of the police officers of south-east Attica, Giorgos Kalliakmanis, told MEGA on Monday morning, as today the 45-year-old father of the family is expected to be taken to the prosecutor, "one child was pregnant and did not say who the father is. The police will request a DNA test. We don't know if there is incest, it needs to be investigated."

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The 46-year-old father of the early Christian family in Corinth, who is detained at the Corinth Security, was arrested on Sunday for disobedience to the law and failure to comply with the obligation of his three minor children to attend school, while at one point he allegedly said that the children are in safe place near his mother-in-law, which has not been confirmed so far.

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At the same time, on Sunday afternoon, the 15-year-old was taken to the "Children's" hospital, following the order of the prosecutor, in a conventional police vehicle, accompanied by the 19-year-old friend of the family.

The investigations of the authorities continue to locate the remaining children of the family, who are estimated to have fled after returning to the burrow where they lived. The search for the children has expanded beyond Corinth and is focused on Arta and Lamia.

The Police are also investigating the circumstances of the children's birth.

The couple ran away with the children

The couple, after the developments and the prosecutor's order to check the living conditions in the community, had prepared for the possibility of a check by ELAS and had taken care in the middle of Saturday night to flee the minor children together with the mother who is the grandmother of one:

In this context and for reasons that have not been clarified at the moment, only the 15-year-old remained in the caves with his father. From then on, as is informed, the family has a total of four small children. In more detail, the couple, who also became known from their statements on TV, the 45-year-old and the 38-year-old have a 22-year-old girl, two boys of 13 and 15 (who stayed with the father) as well as a little six-year-old girl. Another child was found in the community, in infancy, which is the couple's 22-year-old daughter. However, it remains unknown who the father of the child is since neither the parents nor the 22-year-old have indicated him.

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On Saturday, a prosecutor's order was issued for the removal of the children (15-year-old, 13-year-old, 6-year-old and the infant) as it was done, and they were transferred to the 25-year-old daughter of the 45-year-old who is a child from his first marriage and lives in the area of ​​Arta following a conventional lifestyle. The case became complicated as soon as the police forces were removed the children returned to the Old Christian community to live again with their parents in the caves.

Then, on Saturday afternoon, the Corinth District Court ordered an urgent preliminary investigation, which was related to the investigation of the children's living conditions. In this context, early in the morning the Greek Police with a large force, accompanied by a prosecutor and a social worker, arrived at the scene in order to conduct an autopsy. There they saw that the children were absent.

The 45-year-old man was accompanied by his 15-year-old son and his 25-year-old daughter from his first marriage, with none of them providing information on the whereabouts of the children.

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The 45-year-old reacted and was arrested

At that point, the 45-year-old man reacted and did not let the police perform their autopsy, as a result of which he was eventually brought and taken to the Corinth police station. There he was finally arrested for disobedience and non-compliance with the law regarding the compulsory education of children since, according to his statement, they do not go to school.

His 15-year-old son was then ordered to be transferred to the Children's Hospital to determine if he is in good health.

Father of an early Christian family: The children don't go to school, they don't give me an allowance

Meanwhile, the words of the father of the Paleochristian family, which was found living like a primitive in a cave in Trikala, Corinthia, have been published in the last few hours.

Speaking to Alpha yesterday Saturday, the father confirmed the social services contact about the children, who he says are not going to school.

"No, they don't go, they don't go, but the state doesn't give me benefits, that is, I don't take, I don't even give. My wife was called with a social worker, they said something about a week to meet with the children, I don't know," he said.

Speaking to Alpha, the president of the local Trikala Corinthian Apartment, Mr. Karageorgas, said for his part that this family had not created any problem in the 3,5 to 4 years they have been living there. "The only bad thing," he added, "is that the children are not sent to school, they have been cut off from society." Earlier, the father had given another version about the removal of the children from education.

As he said: "When the children were in school, I could provide them with a notebook for the whole year. They were bullied by the teachers themselves and the other children, telling them that they had to have a notebook for each lesson. Did they ask me? These 50 minutes that each notebook takes, I was asked if I have them? What free education is this?'
On the same wavelength and the statements of the mother who said that "they also go to church and to events, they also go to relatives and friends. We know the villagers, we go on excursions, we don't hide them."

"We are a community of Old Christians, on the model of the Old Believers of Russia, or the Amish in America, who deny technological progress and live traditionally, like the first Christians," the father told the STAR yesterday. "I call my wife sister Sevastiani and my son brother Nikolaos. We are all human brothers," added the 45-year-old speaking to Star. According to him, there are four such communities throughout Greece.

"We've been here for four years"

At the same time, his wife showed a burrow that they have dug with a length of up to 30 meters. The burrow leads to a small chapel-like space. "It's a place of worship, they broke down our door" he said talking to Alpha pointing to the entrance and saying "it ends in a bigger space that has the sanctuary, dome". There is even a ventilation system in the cave "so that the images do not get moldy" from the moisture that the earth gives off.

When asked why they dug it up, he claimed that "the materials don't come here and we didn't have money. How will we be religious, will we receive communion, will we be baptized, will we marry?" he said and added: “This is our life. We have been here for about 4 years." They take care of their own water and bread, as she said, since they grow wheat.

Complaint and disclosure

The hideout of the "cavemen" was revealed after the complaint of a hunter who last Saturday saw the 45-year-old father of the family setting fire to his farm and then opening fire. The 67-year-old reported the attack against him to the Xylokastro Police Department and the next day the Police went to the 45-year-old's hideout in order to arrest him.

As soon as they knocked on the door of the house, the 45-year-old man along with his wife, son and daughter started pushing the Policemen while the 22-year-old daughter of the family grabbed a stick and hit a Policeman on the head. Then, with weapons in hand, they left the hut and ran away shooting in the air so that the Policemen would not follow them.

"About 150 policemen came to arrest us. We removed the children and surrendered. You can put me in prison at most and feed me junk food, I have nothing to give," the father of the family said at the time on Alpha TV.