Laura Narges: There were months when I had to make them for 1 euro a day

Laura Narges spoke about the financial difficulties she has experienced in the past

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Laura Narges gave an interview to OK magazine where, among other things, she spoke to journalist Giannis Poulopoulos about the difficult financial times she has lived through until today.

You have been working since you were 17 years old. At what point in your life did you have financial difficulties?

It is a fact that I have been working since I was very young, but do not forget that I had to maintain a house on my own. When you get a salary that is barely enough to pay your rent and does not allow you to put something aside, at some point you will have difficulty. For me the most difficult period was six years ago, just before I got into Survivor.

And how did you deal with it then?

First, I turned to another field besides television and got a job in the marketing department, which is also my subject of study, at Daphne Communications of ANT1. This period was a big lesson for me.

Even Survivor was very cool. The difficulties the game had seemed ridiculous to me because I had faced them in my real life. I did not sleep in a hut, but I risked being thrown out of my house because I did not have to pay the rent. The feeling that I have nothing to eat I had experienced before I went to Survivor because there were months when I had to make them with 1 euro per day.

When I saw my teammates starve and moan, I wondered what they were doing, since these are the rules and they knew it from the beginning, they get paid and have a production that will take care of them. nothing. In my real life I had no one to run to save me.

I know that watching me in Survivor some viewers may have said "oh okay, Laura is in her nightmare" and she is always happy. But to me Survivor really seemed funny in the face of what I had been through in my life.

When you say that you were in danger of being thrown on the street, do you mean that they wanted to evict you?

At the beginning of the financial crisis, when some of us were working but not getting paid, the owner of the house I was living in at the time waged a psychological war on me and sent me a letter with his lawyer. I had a very bad time then. I do not wish anyone to go through what I went through.

Did you then consider returning to Germany and your family?

As a thought it may have crossed my mind, but my pride did not let me do it. I have learned to fight in my life and I do not give up weapons easily.