Elementary students secretly paid for a theater ticket for a classmate who did not have the money

The moving post of a teacher makes the rounds of the internet.

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Elementary school teacher Roula Karagiannis made a post on the internet that many, after reading it, were moved.

Two elementary school children, o George and Panos decided to secretly pay an extra 5 euros each so that another student whose family is facing financial difficulties could go to the show with the whole class.

Young children, who are not even 11 years old, taught a lesson of humanity and solidarity and behave discreetly like adults.

The teacher's post on facebook

"Opening George's file, I found 5 euros more than what the ticket for the theater we are going to cost costs.
-My George, why did you bring me 5 euros more?
George approaches me in a conspiratorial style and tells me in my ear.
-Lady, Panos and I want to pay for the ticket for I.
We know that he will not come on the trip, not because he is stunned on the bus as he said, but because he has no money…. Panos had also brought 5 euros more.
He also approached to give them… secretly.
I had taken care of the matter anyway. But the children did not know it.
I gave them the money back, with a knot in my neck of emotion.
It is my honor to be the teacher of such children. My honor and my hope! "