33-year-old dead because EKAB was late: The State gives € 200.000 and € 1.800 alimony to the widow and her children

EKAB was late in transmitting a call to an ambulance, with the result that a 33-year-old lost his life and the public pays compensation and alimony

nekros 33chronos giati argise to ekav to dimosio dinei 200 000e kai 1 800e diatrofi sti chira kai ta paidia toy EKAV, DEATH OF 33 YEARS

It's late Ambulances to send a call to an ambulance, resulting in the 33-year-old losing his life and the public paying compensation and alimony to the widow and his children.

In particular, the 36-minute delay of its Center Ambulances to send a call-signal to an ambulance, to go to an emergency in the region of Attica, despite the repeated phone calls of a cardiologist, had a tragic end 33year The head of the family lost his life due to a myocardial infarction-atrial fibrillation, a fact that led the Council of State to award compensation and monthly alimony to both his wife and his two minor children.

The unfortunate man was the father of two children, 4 years and 8 months old and his only income was what the earthworks attributed to him, with which he was engaged professionally, with a monthly income of about 878 euros.

After the tragic incident, his wife claimed through the administrative courts compensation for the moral damage she suffered from the sudden death of her husband and father of their children, as she asked to be provided with alimony for the needs of both herself and both children until adulthood. However, the Court awarded much smaller sums than requested in the lawsuit.

The calls to EKAB were repeated, before the 33-year-old ended up

Ο 33year the fateful night he was at home and at about 23.15 he felt an acute severe chest pain. His wife called a cardiologist, who arrived at the patient's home almost immediately. After taking an electrocardiogram and finding an acute extensive anterior myocardial infarction, he was given medication (Pensordil 5 mg and aspirin 500 mg) and immediately after, at 23.41, he called Ambulances and requested the dispatch of an ambulance or mobile unit, indicating that he was a 33-year-old patient with anterior advanced myocardial infarction.

According to the advisers of the State, his answering machine Ambulances who received the call, while filling in all the details on the incident handling card and forwarding it, " specialist cardiologist at the scene, who had diagnosed the condition and provided first aid, there was no need to forward the call to his doctor Ambulances for instructions "and that" at the time the card was delivered to the radio, at 23.41, the shift changed and… took over service ".

However, according to the judges, "the private cardiologist, due to partial remission of the heart pain, gave the patient two more Pensordil 5 mg tablets at 10-minute intervals and one Tenormin 25 mg tablet, resulting in further relief of the pain. At 00.16 and because the arrival of the ambulance or unit was delayed, the doctor contacted the Ambulances and received the answer that the ambulance was coming. At 00.17, ie after the second call, the operations center ordered the A22 ambulance to go to the incident.

But already at 00.30 o 33year had atrial fibrillation, attempts were made to correct the arrhythmia without result, at 00.31 the Ambulances and, after the on-duty doctor was informed that it was a heart attack, that the family doctor was massaging and that the patient was not breathing, etc., when the urgency of the incident was realized, the mobile unit of the Ilios Department was ordered to go to his home patient. The unit arrived at 00.46, the patient was intubated and transferred to the KAT, but he had already arrived ".

The decision

According to the widow, the death of her husband was due to omissions of his employees Ambulances, as timely organized treatment was not provided to the deceased. For this reason he asked the State:

1) EUR 622.600 (EUR 300.000 as pecuniary compensation for mental anguish and EUR 322.600 as subsistence expenses),
2) for one child 325.200 euros (180.000 euros for mental pain and 145.200 euros for food expenses),
3) for the second child 433.800 euros (180.000 euros for mental pain and 253.800 euros for alimony).

Justice ruled that the omissions of its employees Ambulances constitute a breach of the duties assigned to them and the breach "is causally related to the occurrence of the injurious effect" (death of a patient). Thus, the CoC (president and vice-president Spyridoula Chrysikopoulou and rapporteur the State Counselor Paraskevi Braimi) rejected his application Ambulances which sought to set aside the decision of the Athens Administrative Court of Appeal, which acquitted the widow and children.

The State Counselors, ratifying the appellate decision, awarded 200.000 euros as financial compensation for the restoration of the mental suffering they suffered from the death of their husband and father due to the illegal omissions of their competent officials. Ambulances, monthly allowance 1.200 euros for the two children until the age of 18 and 600 euros per month for the wife, as she has no property, no income and her only occupation was housework, family care and upbringing children.


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