Erdogan's provocative message in Greek: Consider because you will regret it

"Turkey will not relinquish its rights in the Aegean," the Turkish president said.

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"We warn Greece once again to be prudent, to stay away from dreams, rhetoric and actions that will lead it to results for which it will regret, as happened a century ago," reads the message of the Turkish president in Greek.

He continues: "Turkey, as it will not relinquish its rights in the Aegean, will not hesitate to make use of the rights recognized by international agreements on the demilitarization of the islands."

Tayyip Erdogan also claims that "Turkey does not violate the rights and the law of anyone, but it does not allow the violation of its rights and law by anyone."

Akar accuses Greece of expansionism and hypocrisy

The "attack" was preceded by its Minister of Defense Turkey, Hulusi Akar, who accused Greece for expansionism and hypocrisy.

Feeding it climate of tension that Turkey is trying to build, Hulusi Akar spoke about "expansionist and aggressive policies" but also "provocative actions and rhetoric" of Greece, speaking on the sidelines of EFES 2022.

"Our neighbor and ally Greece, unfortunately, continues them expansionist and aggressive policies with her provocative actions and rhetoric. "Unfortunately, it persists in its unprecedented global claims, which are contrary to international law, common sense, logic and reality, without taking lessons from history," he said.

«Greece, which has tripled in almost 200 years, shamelessly accuses the Republic of Turkey of expansionism. It is not possible to explain this with historical facts, sound reason and logic. This is hypocrisy, "the Turkish defense minister continued. In fact, he spoke about the equipment and the allied relations of Athens, talking about "futile efforts", without, however, specifying which ally of Greece he is referring to.

"We persistently and stubbornly continue our call for dialogue for the peaceful resolution of the problems and we extend our hand for peace. "As we have always stated, we do not consult anyone's rights, law or territories and we also give the necessary response to any kind of unjust actions and statements made by Greece," Akar concluded.

Celik: "We can come suddenly one night"

Earlier, the representative of the Turkish presidency Omer Celik made threats against Greece by posting it on Twitter.

"We may suddenly come one night," he wrote and uploaded photos from the EFES exercise.