Policeman stops lawyer for speeding and regrets it at the same time

Anecdote: When a cop stopped a running guy, he got more than he bargained for. The driver was a lawyer and had one

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Anecdote: When a cop stopped a running guy, he got more than he bargained for. The driver was lawyer and it had a surprise hidden...

Lawyer: Is there a problem, officer?

Policeman: Yes, you were running.

Lawyer: Oh all right.

Policeman: Can I see your diploma?

Lawyer: I would give it to you if I had, but I don't.

Policeman: Don't you have a diploma?

Lawyer: No. They took it from me when I was caught running in front of a school. I was drunk that day already.


Policeman: Can I at least see your license?

Lawyer: I can't help you with that either.

Policeman: And why;

Lawyer: I stole the car and had to kill him to do it. The license might be around here somewhere, but it sure doesn't have my name on it.

Policeman: Are you telling me that you have killed a man?

Lawyer: I had to do it. He would have told the police something else and now I would be in jail!

At that point, the policeman had lost it. He thought he was just going to get a speeding ticket, but now he was dealing with a killer. He decided he needed backup and called for help on the radio. When the constable came, he explained the situation to him. Then he approached the lawyer…

Warden: Please get out of your car.

Lawyer: What is the problem;

Warden: My colleague says you killed a man and stole his car.

Lawyer: What did he say?!

Warden: Is the car yours?

Lawyer: Of course it is. See the license.

Warden: But you don't have a degree?

Lawyer: Of course I have, otherwise I wouldn't be driving a car.

The lawyer took out his wallet and handed his diploma to the warden. He was speechless...

Warden: I can not understand. You told my colleague that you didn't have a license, that you stole the car and that you killed its owner.

Lawyer: What; Did he really say that to you? I bet he told you I was already running!

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