Sakis Rouvas: He betrayed the fact that we will see his brother in "Survivor" [video]

"I will go to Santo Domingo to see my little brother"

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Yesterday's final of "The Voice" that we watched through the frequency of SIGMA TV, hid many surprises, and one of them came from Sakis Rouvas.

The Greek artist during a conversation he had with the presenter George Lianos, immediately after his appearance with Konstantinos Argyros, revealed and confirmed in this way the fact that his brother, Apostolos Rouvas, is going to participate in this year's cycle " Survivor ”.

Specifically, Sakis Rouvas commented on the following: “Well, listen to an idea! We all leave together for Saint Dominic and we all hang out together at the opening party of Survivor! Ajun, can you hear me? Opening party in Saint Dominic. So, let me see my little brother too ".

 Watch the video below: