Stathis Panagiotopoulos: Why did he upload the videos, what did he say to the police

"I felt an excitement from the comments"

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Stathis Panagiotopoulos explained to the police the reasons why he uploaded the erotic videos on specific websites. Among other things, he stated that he has regretted what he did and apologizes to the girl who sued him.

"I deny the allegations against me. More specifically, I declare that I have nothing to do with the posting of the material in question on the internet for the year 2021, for which I am accused according to the lawsuit of the lady […]. In particular, in the two files in question, I identify myself as a participant, but I have not posted them on the specific websites and please submit a request to be checked by your service from which IP address they have been posted as well as what date. I would like to clarify that the files in question were initially posted on the internet and specifically only on the website […] by me personally in the past and before the year 2019, but then, in the first months of the same year 2019, on my own initiative I withdrew them all from that website. […] Regarding the user with username… I have to tell you that I had created this profile exclusively on the above website and through it I had posted the files in question and which I also deleted in 2019, while since then I have not done any activity » he said according to the show "Truths with Zina".

"I declare that I have regretted my actions, while since then I have not done the slightest thing and I apologize to the prosecutor. "I have nothing else to add," he added.

Help from a psychiatrist

Stathis Panagiotopoulos explained the reasons why he was shooting the videos and the feeling they caused him. He even mentioned that he had visited a psychiatrist who had told him that he had some deviation. As he said, however, he did not do any session. For two of the videos, he stated that he shot them with the approval of the girl with whom he had a relationship in 2015, but she did not know that he had uploaded them on the internet.

"I felt that at that time I wanted a sexual arousal through video posting. I posted two, it was all in 2014-2015. I felt an excitement reading the online comments on the posts. At the moment I think about it, I am very bitter and ashamed. I'm not the thing I did here. Those who know me know that I am not such a person. We were both excited by the idea of ​​the video. He did not know that I would post it, nor did he agree to it. I did not have to convince her, I made sure that our faces did not appear […] After 2019 I asked for the help of a psychiatrist and he explained to me that there is a deviation. I did not attend sessions. There was no financial incentive […] I am sorry and ashamed for what happened and I apologize, I do not recognize myself ".