Shocking 15-year-old mother - "I want to know what my child died of" - The creepy coincidence

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Mourning in Arcadia from the sudden death of 15-year-old Elias, who was found dead in his bed, when his sister went to wake him up to go to school, last Monday.

At the same time, the mother of the 15-year-old asks for answers about the loss of her child, speaking to Star.

"We all collapsed… The child was very well, he was not in pain, he had no health problems. Do we want to know what he left behind, the vaccine or anything else? " said Elias's mother.

One day the family had Elias in their arms and the next, hugging, they mourned his sudden death.

"He was a very strong child"

"My brother was a very strong child, he had never complained about anything. He went to a pediatrician to see him to get his vaccine, the man examined him and from what he says he did not find anything… On Friday he got his vaccine, he came home and it was fine. On Sunday he took his test, it came out negative and he went and lay down "described the 15-year-old brother, Nikos.

On Sunday night, the 15-year-old ate with his parents, prepared his things for the first day at school and fell asleep. The next morning when his sister went to wake him up to go to school, the little one did not react

The creepy coincidence

Even more creepy is the coincidence that the 15-year-old wiped out the village church on Sunday and a few 24 hours later, in the same church in Manteika, Arcadia, his parents, four brothers, relatives and friends said their last goodbyes.

The body of the child was transported to Corinth for an autopsy - necropsy, which showed "unexplained causes".

The histological examinations that have been transferred to Athens will shed light on what exactly happened.