"Death dive" of a 15-year-old from a rooftop while his mother encouraged him with applause

bogdan 22 15 year old, parachute, terrace

The parachute he was wearing did not work

The jump made by a 14-year-old boy in Ukraine with a makeshift parachute from the roof of a 15-storey apartment building had a tragic end, after his mechanism did not work properly, as a result of which he "dived" to his death.

The incident, which took place in the eastern city of Makeyevka, was filmed by eyewitnesses.

In the shocking clip that is making the rounds of the internet, the teenager Bogdan Firsov is first seen on the roof of the tall building, with his arms open, preparing for the parachute jump.

According to the media, friends of the young man and his mother were under the apartment building, encouraging him with applause and cheers.

bogdan 21 15 year old, parachute, terrace

In the continuation of the clip and while the young man falls, the parachute can be seen, which, however, does not open completely, due to a malfunction.

"There were a lot of people there but no one tried to stop them. "They were just shooting with their mobile phones," an eyewitness told a Russian website.

Apparently, the young boy had invited many relatives and friends to watch his daring venture. Witnesses said the mother was so shocked by what happened to her child that she was frozen for several minutes after the tragedy at the same spot.

Experts who spoke to the Ukrainian newspaper "Fakti" estimate that, even if the parachute had worked, the young man would not have escaped death.

"The lowest possible height for a parachute jump is 70 meters, so the building should be over 25 floors. "Even then, however, the risk would be great," points out an extreme sport trainer.