CYPRUS: Investments for halloumi reach 45 million

Young People Premium - Applications next month.

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Intense mobility has been recorded in recent months in the creation of sheep and goat farms, as well as new dairies, as a result of the registration of halloumi as a Protected Designation of Origin by the EU. new or expansion and upgrading of existing livestock sheep and goats, amount to around 5,5. million. This amount concerns the investments of 2021. The interest for new premises had started to be recorded much earlier. In 2020, applications were submitted for new premises, with a total value of 3,2 million euros.

The total investment amounts to 8,7 million euros and this concerns only the part of sheep and goat breeding. This is a development, which was a logical consequence of the patent, since according to the regulation, now the goat's and sheep's milk must exceed the amount of cow's milk, during the preparation of the product. However, the number of investments in this sector is expected to increase, with rural development investment measures, through which new sheep and goat farms can be licensed or the existing ones can be modernized with the aid rate reaching up to 70%. eligible cost (buildings, machinery, equipment), with a total cost of the program of around 40 million euros (plus a one-time premium of 50 thousand euros for young people under 39). According to Agriculture Minister Socrates Socrates, the program may open for applications next month.