ASDYK: To give the right to the members of the Police to strike

What the Syntechnia says in its announcement

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The Branch of the Police Force - ASDYK calls on the Minister of Justice, the Chief of Police and the Parliament to proceed with the initiation of the debate on the revision of Article 27 of the Constitution or the filing of a legislative regulation, which grants the members of the Police the right to strike.

In a statement, the ASDYK states that the "unilateral", "incomprehensible", as well as "arbitrary" order of the Police Headquarters, for the mandatory work of its members beyond their normal hours, without the corresponding remuneration, brings the issue to the fore.

He notes that he considers that the State should consider the issue of constitutional review, in order to lift this ban which "combats the rights of members of the Police".

The Union states that other groups of workers who also perform vital tasks such as medical and paramedical staff, prison guards in Central Prisons, workers in public benefit organizations, Cyprus Electricity Authority, Telecommunications Authority, Water Supply, responsible for the provision of services of first necessity and ensuring public safety and the orderly functioning of a country, have the right to strike, provided they operate with security personnel.

In a similar way, he emphasizes, the right to strike can also work in the Police - its members can exercise the right to strike, but at the same time, a sufficient number of police officers will remain on duty, to serve the citizen and cover emergencies needs.

The existing arrangement, it is stated, which allows members of the Police to participate in strike mobilizations, only when they are off duty and wear political clothing, is considered anachronistic and deprives the individual of the right to free expression.

Source: KYPE