WORLD: "Asteroid city" - The next film by Wes Anderson

His first collaboration with Tom Hanks, Margo Robbie and Rupert Fred

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Wes Anderson's longtime collaborator, Bill Murray, has revealed the title of their next project, in which they are together. The actor announced the title "Asteroid City" during the premiere of their film "The French Dispatch" at the London Film Festival on October 10.

The future project will once again involve Anderson, Tilda Swindon, Adrien Brody and Scarlett Johansson. Tom Hanks, Margo Robbie and Rupert Fred will appear in a Wes Anderson film for the first time.

Bill Murray said he has started working on the film. "It's the usual character cast," he said, according to Screen Daily. "The shooting takes place in Spain, in an area 45 minutes away from Madrid. "It 's fun there, we're having a good time," he said. The plot of the film is not known.

Asked by a reporter if he was deliberately working with Anderson, Bill Murray said: "To some people you don't answer the phone and to others you just say, 'Okay, yes.' He is one of them. " In the movie "Asteroid City" Bill Murray and Wes Anderson will collaborate for the tenth time.

Angelica Houston, Owen Wilson and William Dafoe have also embodied characters in several films by the American director.