Margot Robbie will play Barbie and you can not imagine who εν Ken will be!

Glove fits the role

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We did not expect this cast! The reason for the new Barbie movie, which is in the works and in which the starring role will be the Mar admittedly doll Margot Robbie.

But it seems that Ken has now been found and our name surprised us.

According to information transmitted by Deadline, we will see him next to Robbie Ryan Goslin, an actor who never stops surprising us with his role choices.

As mentioned, the Gosling was the ardent desire of both director Greta Gerwig and Robbie for the role, yet he strongly resisted.

In the end, however, it seems that the persuasion effort paid off and now Gosling is ready to enter the cast. Shooting will begin in 2022.

The first screenplay released five years ago was: Barbie was kicked out of Barbieland because she was not perfect enough. After landing in the real world, he is drawn into a crazy and hilarious adventure.

The vision of Gerwig and Baumbach will undoubtedly be different. The creators, without yet revealing the new plot of the film, have already stated that the film will not be related to the way we have in mind the famous doll.

Since Barbie's appearance in 1959, Barbie has had 200 amazing careers, ranging from a sign language teacher to a doctor and president. There have also been 37 related films and TV series, so the talented duo has plenty of material to enrich the story.

barbie gosling barbie, margot robbie, movies

The story of Barbie

In the 1950s, American businesswoman Ruth Handler, the wife of Mattel founder, spotted Barbara's daughter playing with her dolls and realized she was giving her adult roles. At that time, all the dolls represented babies and from that moment it was on her mind to change it.

In 1956, while traveling in Europe, Handler locates the German doll Picture Lilli in a shop that looks like an adult woman and the redesign of the doll begins. Thus, in 1959, the most famous doll in the world was created, named after Barbara's daughter, who was her source of inspiration.

Barbie is now 62 years old! She is the beautiful girl who raised generations of girls, even changed fashion and created an incredible empire around her name.

The doll came to life and endless movies were created to keep the girls company and now we are anxiously waiting to see it acquire a human form.