Alec Baldwin: Overthrow for Hutchins's death

Lawsuit against Alec Baldwin

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A lawsuit against Alec Baldwin and the producers of the film "Rust" was filed by a member of the film crew, complaining, among other things, that the script did not mention any shooting.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the lawsuit was filed today in a Los Angeles court by Miami Mitchell, who was in charge of the script for the film. The lawsuit names Baldwin and the film's producers.

On Oct. 21, rehearsing a scene from the western film in New Mexico, cinematographer Halina Hutchins was fatally wounded when Baldwin shot her with a gun, which she was assured was "dead" - that is, safe. However, the weapon contained a real bullet - for reasons that remain unknown to this day.

In her lawsuit, Mitchell, who was the first to call the emergency services after the fatal shootings during the filming of the film, alleges violence, intentional infliction of mental pain and intentional harm, according to the Hollywood Reporter, citing a copy of the court documents. in his possession.

Mitchell and her lawyer, Gloria Olred, are expected to give a press conference in Los Angeles later today. The lawsuit is the second to be filed for the murder. Santa Fe authorities are still investigating the case and no criminal charges have been filed.

The lawsuit alleges that the script provided three close-up shots of the scene in question: one on Baldwin's gaze, another on a bloodstain, and a third on the actor's body, "as he reached for the case and pulled it out. the weapon.

"There was no mention in the script of the gun fired by defendant Baldwin or any other person," the lawsuit states.

Baldwin and the filmmakers were not immediately available for comment.

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