Alec Baldwin: Why was a man killed when he had to have an empty gun?

What types of weapons are used in movie sets?

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Actor Alec Baldwin has been questioned after the tragedy that occurred during the filming of his new series, Rust, where he accidentally shot and killed the director of photography, Halina Hutchins.

According to the Hollywood site, Deadline, an official of the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Department said:

"Mr Baldwin was questioned by the authorities and released. "No arrests have been made, no charges have been filed."

In a statement to the AFP news agency, a sheriff's spokesman said the actor "arrived at the department voluntarily and left the building after the interrogation was over".

Witnesses continue to be questioned by detectives, according to Deadline, to determine the cause of the accident.

At the same time, more and more experts in the field of entertainment are trying to understand and explain from their own point of view the way in which the tragedy occurred, as especially in such productions the security measures are very strict.

A pro maker & artist expressed his own view on how the accident happened on his TikTok account "Props To History": "Even if the weapon had suffered catastrophic damage and in fact had been dismantled."

He went on to say: "Alec Baldwin was supposed to not have a loaded gun, in fact he should have it empty. Just last week, he made a statement saying that the staff was very tired and everyone was quite tired. And this is an environment for mistakes to be made. "

He further stressed: "For more details about what happened, obviously I can not say, nothing has been published and no official statement has been made. "But I can imagine how disastrous this is for Rust's staff and the people on the set, as well as for Alec Baldwin, who certainly did not do it on purpose."

He concluded: "We have to wait and see what the official reports say about what exactly happened. The sheriff who is there in Santa Fe, did not impose charges because I can not imagine that this can be considered anything but an accident.

The three types of weapons used in movie sets

After all, there is always a security officer, who works closely with the director and his assistant, so that everything goes smoothly.

Also in all casts, the actors and stuntmen who will take part in the set are properly trained in the use of weapons, while they know exactly the movements they will make on stage. They have been helped in this by a specialist weapons trainer, who is present at every filming.

To make the shooting scenes in the movies look more believable, you need two essential components.

Proper weapons and good movement by the actors.

As for the first ones now, there are three different genres that Hollywood producers and directors choose for their films.

a) Normal weapons, which are filled with bulletproof cartridges. They are what most people choose to make their scenes look real. With such a thing, of course, evil was done in the case of Baldwin.

b) Exact copies of weapons, which look amazingly like regular weapons, but can only make sound or smoke from their barrel.

c) Fake weapons, which are made of materials such as metal or plastic and can not shoot. Used for effects only.

Finally, for a Hollywood movie scene to look real, there must be three specific sounds. The weapon, the wound and the fall.