Americans lock their young children in makeshift crib beds (light)

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When Lynyrd Skynyrd sang the great hit of the 70's "sweet home Alabama", they certainly didn't have in mind the house where five children of an American family experienced a daily nightmare. Fortunately, the fifth was just 8 months old and is presumed to have survived the abuse, with authorities estimating that they managed to do so.

The other children, aged 3, 4, 10 and 11, lived in a hell-house, where they were found - completely by accident - due to a standard check, in which they locked them in makeshift cage beds. Three people have been arrested on child abuse charges, according to the New York Post, and police found the cages in a house in Lee County during a search on January 13.

Authorities said each had been locked in cages several times. The cages were made of wood with applied locks and buckles. A fifth child, an 8-month-old baby, was also found at home. All the children were removed from the house and placed under the care of the state.

Police returned home with a warrant two days later and arrested 66-year-old Pamela Bond, 69-year-old James Bond and 30-year-old Kylla Mann. All three were charged with child abuse and exposure to possible fraud.

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