Dead children in Patras: "Malena did not have liver failure" - What her pediatrician says

The disagreement with the forensic report

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Objections to elements of the forensic report on the death of Malena -one of the three dead children at Patras- brought the pediatric oncologist of the child. She spoke on the show "Truths with Zina" and stressed that the little girl did not have liver failure, as stated by the medical examiner.

"No the child did not have liver failure. There is an examination on the eve with perfect liver, perfect, more perfect is not done and also the clinical picture of the child until the time he went to sleep she was excellent, she played, ran and ate normally. No vomiting, no liver coma, nothing. "In order to die of liver failure, you do not die like that, something precedes", he said characteristically.

At the same time, he stated that "he did not have liver failure, I can confirm that one hundred percent. Now for what the medical examiner saw… Some drugs make some changesin the liver which, however, have no functional effect, but the medical examiner had an image of them in front of him. But he made a mistake the medical examiner did not get a history in my opinion, he had to get a history to see. "

In fact, he referred to the communication he had with the mother of the child after the completion of the forensic report and said that "the mother called me angrily and told me that she had died of liver failure. I explained to her that did not die of liver failure and then he tells me why they write such a thing. Come on I told her to give you the whole history go where you want and if a colleague of mine is found to say that this child with this history had liver failure, let's say it again. They took them, they took them somewhere, they were told that this history is not consistent with liver failure and then my mother takes me and tells me I will sue the medical examiner. I tell her the reason for the autopsy was not to sue the medical examiner"because the medical examiner may have some lesions that do not lead to liver failure."

"Whoever is guilty to be punished"

Among other things, little Malena's pediatric oncologist referred to the parents' behavior and stressed that justice must be done.

«The mother was well behaved. She was a woman who was not so extroverted and warm, but she did not have bad behavior. She stood next to her child for many hours, he played it, he occupied it. She was not an indifferent mother. Not even the father. So I have nothing to say. All I am saying is mercy. Let the reason be found so that these people can too, if someone is to blame for paying. But what if it's not his fault? "It's terrible that all this is happening."

"Me it seems inhuman to me what is happening to these parents. I say that medicine should do its job well, if all specialties need to intervene, except for genetic medicine and all other specialties, and beyond that, conclusions must be drawn. Answers must be given to them. I I put myself in this mother's shoes. I feel very strange and whoever is guilty to be punished. "There is no medical responsibility for my case," he said.

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