Brussels Airlines pilots are on strike and 75% of flights have been canceled

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The pilots of Brussels Airlines, a subsidiary of Lufthansa, are carrying out the first of two strikes scheduled for this week, resulting in the cancellation of 75% of the Belgian airline's flights.

The pilots have announced that they will strike today and on Wednesday (May 16) after weeks of negotiations with the management of the company that turned out to be fruitless.

A new meeting with the management of the Belgian company is expected today.

Brussels Airlines has expressed regret over the strike, which will affect more than 60.000 passengers on 557 flights to and from Brussels over the past two days.

He said 54 flights would be operated today and 60 on Wednesday with the possibility of adding other flights during the day.

Pilots claim wage increases, better work-life balance, better job prospects and early retirement. About 80% were in favor of the strike.

Union leaders say some of the pilots' concerns are related to uncertainty about the Lufthansa airline's future.