Strike uprising today in Greece - General mobilization one year since Tempi

Greece is on strike today, due to the 24-hour strike

apergia Strike, Tempe

Greece is on strike today, due to the 24-hour strike declared by ADEDY, the Labor Center of Athens, PAME, Labor Centers and Federations of the private and public sector.

Specifically, ADEDY has planned a gathering in Klathmonos Square, at 11:00 am, with the following main claims:

"- Horizontal increase of 10% in the salaries of the employees in the State, in order to deal elementary with accuracy and inflation.

– Restoring the Gifts.

– Collective Agreements for wages.

– Removal of the wage freeze for the two years 2016-2017.

– Abolition of the 2% unemployment levy.

– Increase of the tax-free amount to 12.000 euros.

– Increasing the allowance for unhealthy work.

- Staffing with permanent employees of all critical public bodies and upgrading all necessary infrastructure".

At the same time, ADEDY demands that those responsible for Tempi be held accountable. Specifically, ADEDY notes in its announcement: "We will continue the fight, to hold those responsible accountable and to cancel any attempt to cover up the responsibilities."

For its part, the Athens Labor Center has placed at the center of its action and demands for the next period salary increases, the taking of effective measures to deal with punctuality, the fight against profiteering and the reinstatement of Collective Labor Agreements.

In particular, his main claims include the following:

"- The crackdown on speculation in all businesses in the main sectors of production and trading of basic food goods and extraordinary taxation on the profits of supermarket chains and energy, transport and banking businesses.

– The substantial strengthening of the Competition Commission and the control mechanisms of the Ministry of Development and the Regions for the quick, direct and effective control of practices of profiteering.

– The reduction of VAT for one year on basic food items and price increase on basic household goods, such as baby milk, pasteurized milk, cereals, cheese, cold meats, chicken, pork, pasta, pulses, vegetables, baby diapers, personal hygiene products and detergents.

– Raising wages above the minimum wage to protect the purchasing power of low- and middle-income households.

– The return of the holiday gift and leave allowance to the pre-memorandum levels for the public and the wider public sector.

– The calculation of the period 2012-2023 for the salary increase of private sector employees, due to the three years.

– The immediate restoration of the determination of the minimum wage by employees and employers and the restoration of all priorities of collective labor law.

- Intensive checks to protect workers from work accidents".

At the same time, PAME addresses a call for action to all labor unions.

As it states, today, February 28, 2024, "it is one year since the crime in Tempe, which claimed the lives of 57 of our fellow human beings, most of them students and young children, causing untold grief throughout the country and a permanent-open wound in dozens families".

At the same time, as announced, PAME, with the slogan "Their profits or our lives", claims the following:

"- Substantial wage increases. Repeal anti-labor laws and restore collective bargaining to unions.

– Increase of the minimum wage to 900 euros. Wage adjustment clause based on inflation.

– Universal reset of the three years, incorporating the period 2012-2023.

– Reinstatement of the principle of the most favorable contract, of retroactive effect.

– Restoration of Christmas and Easter gifts to civil servants.

– Unemployment benefit at 80% of the minimum wage for all unemployed.

– Stable job with rights, 7 hours-5 days-35 hours. No tolerance for worker-killing hours, flexible working arrangements and unpaid overtime.

– Cheap electricity, with the abolition of indirect taxes (VAT and excise duty) and ceilings on energy and fuel prices. Abolition of the Energy Exchange.

– Abolition of VAT and ceiling on the prices of consumer goods, such as food, baby items, personal hygiene items, etc.

– Tax-free limit of 12.000 euros, increased by 3.000 euros for each child. Abolition of subsistence allowances.

– Abolition of ENFIA for working households.

– Do not pass the reactionary bill on private universities, no thought of revising Article 16. Exclusively public and free modern studies, ensuring free food and accommodation for students.

- Ensuring by the state of free, complete and unhindered medical care and hospitalization for all. Free of charge all medical, diagnostic, laboratory, preventive tests, all medicines and vaccines. Not to close or merge any department, clinic, hospital and Health Center. In addition, to fully reopen the hospitals, all the structures that were closed due to cuts.

– Decisive strengthening of state funding for Health, Education, Welfare, municipal social policy services, for protection against natural disasters. Mass recruitment of permanent staff in all these critical areas.

– To stop the auctions. Rent subsidy by expanding the inclusion criteria and increasing the subsidy".

PAME calls for a gathering in Propylaia, at 10:30 am.

Also, the Federation of Banking Organizations of Greece (ΟΟΕ) announced a 24-hour nationwide strike for today, February 28, 2024.

Source: KYPE