The workers in the Electrical - Mechanical projects are on a 24-hour strike

The Association of Mechanical Contractors has decided on a nationwide 24-hour warning strike

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The Association of Mechanical and Electrical Contractors of Cyprus (SEMIEK) has decided on a nationwide 24-hour warning strike.

As stated in an announcement by the councils of the PEO and OBIEK-SEK Builders Unions, following the impasse declared by the Mediation Service of the Ministry of Labor and the decision of the workers in the Mechanical and Electrical Contractors sector of Cyprus, they will a nationwide 24-hour warning strike took place on Thursday, April 18.

"On the day of the strike, strike rallies will be held in all cities, demonstrating the determination to fight for the defense of the collective agreements and their fair demands which provide for increases in wages and benefits, as well as the signing of the Branch Collective Agreement that will covers all employees", the announcement states.