Stormy Daniels is revealing, in an interview with CBS (PHOTO)

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Porn actress and filmmaker Stormy Daniels said Sunday in an interview with CBS that she had sex with US President Donald Trump in July 2006 when she wanted to talk about her relationship with Trump in public.

Although it contained virtually no revelation, the interview aired Sunday by 60 Minutes - aired on CBS for a week or more - puts the Republican president in an even more awkward position. The actress spoke publicly about the issue for the first time, after the revelations made by The Wall Street Journal in January.

The financial newspaper then reported on Donald Trump's extramarital affair with Stephanie Clifford, as the actress's real name is, and revealed that one of the American president's most loyal lawyers, Michael Cohen, had given her $ 130.000 to buy her silence, a few days before the November 2016 presidential election.


In the interview, the recording of which was made public before its broadcast on Sunday, the actress explained that she had sexual encounters with the New York real estate mogul on the sidelines of a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe in July 2006.

The actress and the businessman remained in touch for a year, according to her, as Trump had promised her a place on the TV show The Celebrity Apprentice, of which he was a presenter - a promise he did not keep.

The 39-year-old, who began her career as a stripper, also assured that she had no other sexual encounters with the billionaire after their meeting in Lake Tahoe.


Clifford said she contacted gossip magazine In Touch in 2011, four years after her last contact with Trump, to ask her questions about their relationship.

He said he had then agreed to reveal the details of the relationship for $ 15.000. Following the threats of lawyer Michael Cohen that he would file a lawsuit, the magazine finally chose not to publish the text, CBS clarified.


The actress said that a few weeks later, she was approached by a stranger in a parking lot in Las Vegas, while she had her daughter, months old, with her.

"Leave Trump alone. "Forget this story", the stranger threw at her, the actress said. "This is a very beautiful little girl," she continued, looking at her daughter. "It would be a shame if something happened to her mother," the stranger added, always according to Clifford, before he left.

The actress explained that she did not contact the police about the incident, because she was "scared".