Police officer found not guilty of killing unarmed man (BINTEO)

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A U.S. police officer has been acquitted of killing an unarmed man in Arizona who was begging for his life, according to a video released Friday following the announcement of the court ruling.

Philip Brailsford shot and killed Daniel Saver in the hallway of a hotel in the town of Misa, a suburb of Phoenix, in January 2016. According to USA Today, he was acquitted of her murder.

According to the video released after the verdict, Saver, a 26-year-old father of two, is kneeling in the hallway following the orders of the police. In the video he is heard saying: "Please, do not shoot me".

Saver, who was in a state of intoxication, made a movement with his hand backwards, perhaps to lift the shorts he was wearing. Brailsford then shot him five times.

Unlike other incidents of police violence in the United States in which white police officers kill alleged black perpetrators, both Saver and Brailsforth are white.

According to the police report, the police intervened when they were notified of the presence of an armed man in the window of a room on the fifth floor of the hotel. When they got to the spot, they found Saver in a woman who, according to Leni Sweet's widow, had visited him with another colleague, who had gone out to make a phone call.

Saver was not carrying a gun when he was killed, but police found one in his room, which he used in his job, which was to kill harmful animals.