Biden: His popularity dropped to 43%

Americans appear to have been exhausted by the pandemic COVID-19 and its financial consequences

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The percentage of Americans who approve of the actions of US President Joe Biden fell to the lowest level of his presidency this week, as Americans appear to have been exhausted by the pandemic COVID-19 and its financial consequences, according to the latest Reuters / Ipsos poll.

The poll was conducted nationwide on January 19 and 20, with only 43% of American adults approving of Biden's performance in the presidency.

52% disapproved of it, while the rest of the respondents were not sure to make a judgment. In last week's poll, Biden had a 45% approval rating, with a negative rating of 50%.

After retaining more than 50% during Biden's first months in office, the US president's popularity began to decline in mid-August, as deaths from COVID-19 increased across the United States and the US-backed government in Afghanistan collapsed.

Biden's continuing decline in popularity has alarmed the Democratic Party, with Democrats' concerns escalating over the possibility of losing their marginal majority in the congressional legislature in the November 8 midterm elections.

Should Republicans take control of either the House of Representatives or the Senate, President Biden's legislative agenda is likely to be derailed.

In a rare press conference Wednesday, Biden acknowledged Americans' frustration as he completed his first year in office. However, it pledged to make significant progress in tackling major challenges from pandemics to inflation, which hit a nearly 40-year high in December as the global health crisis caused global supply chains to malfunction.

Source: RES-EAP