Bill Gates: I should have paid more taxes

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American billionaire Bill Gates estimates that he, like the richest taxpayers in the United States, should pay more taxes, calling President Donald Trump's tax reform "backward."

"I have to pay more taxes," Gates said in an interview with CNN.

"I have paid extra taxes from anyone, more than $ 10 billion, but the government must demand that those in my position pay much higher taxes."

Bill Gates is the second richest man in the world after Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

The fortune of the Microsoft co-founder is estimated at more than 90 billion dollars, much of which is dedicated to his charity work and medical research.

Gates criticized Donald Trump's Republican-controlled tax reform in late December, which envisions significant business cuts.

"It is not a progressive bill. "It's a retroactive tax bill," he said, adding that the benefits of the reform would benefit the wealthiest despite Republicans' assurances that the working and middle class would benefit.