BINTEO: Experienced captain crosses "scratch" bridge with 80 meter super yacht

You do not see every day a super yacht of 80 meters, "scraping" a bridge

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You do not see every day a super yacht of 80 meters, "scraping" a bridge. But if you were in the narrow canals of the Netherlands, you would often witness such an image.

On his maiden voyage, Heesen's Galactica scraped off a bridge just outside the town of Maharen as it attempted to reach the North Sea port of Harlinger.

In a series of incredible images, we see the journey of the super yacht from the shipyards of the Dutch company in the city of Os. On the route, which lasted four to five hours, he was asked to cross six bridges.

On one of these bridges, however, the captain had to show his abilities, as the distance between the boat and the bridge did not exceed 15 cm.

Apart from the special handling, there should be no ripples, so that the water level is as low as possible.

"This is the standard procedure for luxury yachts of this size when it comes to inland travel," said a Heesen spokesman. "Waiting for the tide to drop is just 'business as usual.'

Such a difficult and critical business requires at least three to four months of preparation with various licenses and certifications, according to the Heesen team.

Fortunately, the shipyard has more than 40 years of experience in maneuvering its boats from Os to the North Sea.

After all, the captains of Heesen are quite experienced in such situations, as they have been repeatedly called to drive luxury yachts off the North Sea.

"We are incredibly lucky to have the best shipbuilders, engineers and craftsmen in the country," said Arthur Brewer, CEO of Heesen.

The Galactica, which features a beach club as well as a movie theater, arrived safely in Harlingen on January 12 and is set to begin sea trials soon.

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