Washington reacts strongly to Putin's new "super-weapons"

pyraylos rosia Vladimir Putin, USA, WEAPONS, WASHINGTON

Russian President Vladimir Putin's loud announcements about new, "invulnerable" Russian weapons show that Moscow is "violating the conditions" for missile control, was the reaction of the State Department.

"We do not consider this to be a behavior worthy of a major international player," the State Department spokeswoman told reporters.

Heather Nowert was asked about the sermon delivered by the Russian president during which, for an hour, he presented the new weapons of advanced technology of Russia with the help of blueprints, graphic illustrations and videos.

"President Putin has confirmed what the US government has known for a long time," she said. "Russia has been developing destabilizing weapons systems for more than 10 years, directly violating its treaty obligations," Nauert said.

The State Department spokeswoman cited the 1987 Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), signed by Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in XNUMX.

The Russian president during his speech on Thursday presented Russia's new weapons, "invincible" missiles, mini-nuclear submarines and in general the new weapons systems of the Russian military-industrial complex, saying that the West must now "listen" Russia.

"As you can see, we did not hide any of our plans, but we talked about them openly, seeking to motivate our partners to participate in the talks. "I repeat, this happened in 2004. And despite the problems we were facing in the economy, in our finances, in the defense industry, in the military, Russia was and still is the biggest nuclear power," Putin said. nobody wanted to talk to us, nobody listened to us. So listen to us now! ”

After concluding the first part of his speech on economic and social issues, the Russian president presented for two hours the achievements of Russia in the military field and its new state-of-the-art weapons systems. Specifically, it presented the new intercontinental ballistic missile "Avangard" that can hit anywhere on earth and the new supersonic weapons system "Kinzal", which Russia already has and is already on December 1, 2017 on active alert in the Southern Military District .

Referring to the "Kinzal" weapon system, Putin showed a similar video, saying that it is an ultrasonic "high-precision aircraft-missile system", in which "the unique technical characteristics of a supersonic aircraft-carrier, allow to carry missiles to the location the goal in a few minutes ", as well as that it is a weapon" ideal "and in fact invulnerable and all western countries would like to have it.

The Russian president also announced that Russia has already created an advanced energy accumulator that can be mounted on a cruise missile, providing it with virtually unlimited flight duration that makes it invulnerable to air defense and missile defense systems.

Vladimir Putin said the West, despite its efforts over the past 15 years to contain Russia, had failed. "Those who for 15 years have been trying to develop their armaments and gain a position of superiority over Russia, imposing restrictions and sanctions that do not comply with international law in order to limit the development of our country, even in the military sector - have failed ! ”.

The Russian president made it clear in his speech that "Russia's growing military power does not threaten anyone," "nor does Russia intend to attack anyone." At the same time, however, he considered it "his duty" to warn the West, saying that "Russia will respond immediately" to anyone who attempts to attack itself or its allies with any kind of nuclear weapon.

Referring to Russia's growing military power, President Putin said it was a sure guarantee of peace on the planet "because that power maintains and will continue to maintain strategic balance and balance of power around the world." He also noted that this power was and remains one of the most important factors for international security after the end of World War II and to this day.