The world's largest airport is ready (images / video)

The world's largest airport is ready

Its construction work has been completed

The world's largest airport, Beijing's Daxing International Airport, is set to open in early autumn as construction is completed.

The new airport of the Chinese capital - at a distance of 46 km from the center of Beijing - occupies an area of ​​1,4 million square meters. -equal to three quarters of Manhattan, the terminal equals about one hundred football fields and is expected to serve one hundred million passengers a year in full operation.

aer pekino 32 airport, BEIJING

aer pekino 33 airport, BEIJING

Its construction required 1.6 million cubic meters of cement and 52.000 tons of steel.

Extensive coverage by Chinese media at Beijing's new international airport

According to project leader Li Jianhua, China has invested about $ 60 billion in Daxing International Airport, with an impressive design signed by Anglo-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid (who died in 2016).

The terminal of the new Beijing airport has an area of ​​as many as one hundred football fields

Built to relieve congestion at Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing Capital International Airport, which in 2018 welcomed more than 100 million passengers and to support the Asian country's efforts to become the world's largest market for commercial flights by mid-next year. decade.

Called a "starfish" because of its design, Daxing Airport will serve 72 million passengers and 620.000 flights a year until 2025 and will reach one hundred million passengers and 2040 flights a year by 880.000.