Apple shared 10 "tricks" that every iPhone owner should know (vid)

Ten tricks and tips for your iPhone from Apple itself

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Shortly before the end of the year, Apple released a detailed video with tricks and tips, through its official support channel.

Its purpose is to prepare these new users and possibly teach them the old hidden features they did not know.

Ten tricks and tips for your iPhone from Apple itself:

1. If you write a wrong number on the calculator you can erase it, without resetting it completely, just swipe right or left at the top of the screen.

2. Starting with iOS 15, it is now possible to pin links or other useful content that you have received through the messaging application, to easily find it later.

3. You can "stack" widgets of the same size on the home screen. All you have to do is push one on top of the other when editing your original.

4. You can easily transfer photos to other applications by simply holding them and changing application while still holding and holding them.

5. You can create abbreviations on the keyboard, so that for example "omw" automatically becomes "on my way". The option is available in the Keyboard> Text Replacement section of the settings.

6. You can open the camera without unlocking your iPhone by simply swiping left on the lock screen.

7. You can "scan" documents through the Notes application. Just press the camera button on a note and then the relevant document scanning option.

8. Starting with iOS 15, you can copy-paste text from the real world through the camera application, pressing the "scan" button when the phone looks at a document, sign and so on.

9. You can go to the first photo of an album in the photo app by tapping at the top of the screen.

10. To open the search directly from the home screen, just swipe down from the center of the screen.

Following this video to see in practice all these "tricks"