Indians sleeping on the floor with rats in an iPhone factory

Unacceptable conditions led to the closure of the factory - What happened to the workers

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Apple and iPhone maker Foxconn have been accused several times of inhumane working conditions, but a new complaint from outraged women comes as a result of the closure of a factory in India with 17.000 employees, at a time when Apple is trying to increase production. iPhone 13.

Following the poisoning of 250 workers by spoiled food, Reuters spoke to six women individually who confirmed the deplorable conditions there. First the women are forced to live in hostels with 30 people in the room and all sleep on the floor. The toilets have no running water and the presence of rats is a daily occurrence.

Apple and Foxconn admitted a few days ago that they had located some hostels and catering facilities that did not meet the required specifications and the factory was closed until Apple ensured that its strict standards were met before operating again. Foxconn has fired managers and said it is taking steps to improve the facility. Employees will continue to be paid until the projects are completed. Venpa Staffing Services, which offers Foxconn employees and manages the hostels, declined to comment.

Foxconn opened the plant in 2019 with the promise of offering 25.000 jobs as part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "Made in India" campaign to create jobs in the construction sector. The plant is an important step for Apple in its quest to relocate its production outside China due to strained Sino-US relations. Employees are paid 10.500 rupees (€ 124) a month and pay the Foxconn contractor for housing and food while working in the factory.