Japan: Roller coaster passengers were left hanging upside down for 45 minutes

"A sensor tripped and the system stopped"

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Thirty-two roller coaster passengers at the Universal Studios theme park in Japan were left hanging upside down for 45 minutes at a height of 45 meters due to a malfunction.

The shots that come to us of the terrifying minutes of the journey are shocking. The theme park said the roller coaster made an emergency stop as passengers reached the maximum height of the ride shortly before 11am today. So the only option was to evacuate.

"A sensor tripped and the system stopped"

Universal Studios Japan has since confirmed that all passengers were successfully rescued by workers, the Asahi newspaper reports. In total, the evacuation process took about 45 minutes. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident.

The theme park told the Nikkei newspaper: "A sensor that detects anomalies was activated and the system stopped." Engineers rushed to the scene and tested the roller coaster for an hour and a half before approving the roller coaster to continue letting people ride.

The roller coaster named Flying Dinosaur, which is inspired by Jurassic Park, was created in 2016. However, this is not the first time that it has been at the center of similar incidents at the park.

In May 2018, 64 passengers found themselves in a similar situation and were left hanging for two hours, while being at a height of tens of meters. The amusement park confirmed that two carriages had suddenly stopped in the middle of the ride.

The theme park in question attracts over ten million visitors each year and is one of four Universal Studios resorts in the world.

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Source: in.gr