VIDEO: The TV you lick gives a taste of the future

The device made by the Japanese Homey Miyashita promises to cause a "revolution"

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Consumers will soon be able to try before they buy. At least that's the idea behind a professor's new invention Japan who designed a TV with a screen that the user can lick to get a taste of the product offered.

Ο Homey Miyasita, unveiled the original model, which he calls TTTV, the initials from the English phrase Taste the TV (s.s. tried the TV). The professor of the known Meiji University of Tokyo, develops the device from 2020 and the design it presented sends electrical signals to 10 flavor containers which are sprayed in the right proportion to create a specific flavor that covers the screen membrane, which (thankfully) is disposable. What he wanted to create is the sense of flavors that have different foods and drinks that can be offered in the menu of a restaurant, in supermarkets etc.

"My goal with this device is to make it possible for its users to have a unique experience like eating in a restaurant on the other side of the world while they are in the comfort of their own home," he said. Miyasita. He even mentioned that the TTTV can have many applications and how it is already in discussions with various companies to use its technology by firms that have products that act as accompaniments (sauces, dressings, spreads, dips).

During the show, the Yuki Ho, 22-year-old student at Meiji University, asked the screen to try chocolate. After a few attempts, the device realized the order and sprayed the flavor on the film. "It's like eating milk chocolate," she said Ho.

Ο Miyasita and the 30 students he works with in his lab have made other devices that have to do with taste. For example, a fork that enhances the flavors of the food it carries. The inventor stressed his creation is more relevant than ever due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Η TTTV won the 3rd prize in the category of innovative invention of 61st AwardsCreativity Awards in Tokyo, last month. THE MiyasitaFinally, he revealed that he made the original himself and estimates that if its screen goes on the market then the cost will range between 750 and 800 euros.

via: Newsbeast