Spain: Police give life to quarantined city (video)

The video that is making the rounds of the internet

Spain: Police bring to life a city that is in quarantine

With two patrol cars and the sound of sirens sounding in the streets, the police are patrolling and supervising the traffic ban that has been imposed in the wider area.

Although the situation in quarantined areas is not at all easy for the police either, they have found an incredible way to entertain all those who are locked in their homes.

Five police officers begin to sing the song "Joan Petit", a well-known Catalan children's song.

According to the local media (Diario de Mallorca), one of the policemen is a member of a band and they intend to bring life to the deserted streets of the town with their song…

The "trapped" Spaniards take strength from the police, and start singing with them…