Italy: The most expensive house in the world is coming out again under the "hammer" (VIDEO)

The jewel of Rome with an area of ​​about 2.800 sq.m. will be put up for auction again

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The jewelry of Rome, with an area of ​​about 2.800 square meters, will be put up for auction again in April with a starting price significantly lower than the original. The owner believed that she would "catch" the 471 million euros in the auction on January 18. However, since no buyer was found, it reduced the price to 282 million euros for the second auction that will take place on April 7.

"Villa Aurora in Rome with Caravaggio's unique ceiling will be auctioned again on April 7 with the owner disappointed as the house did not find a buyer," CNN reported.

His heir, known as Princess Rita Bonkombagni Ludovizi, the third and last wife of the late Prince Niccol Μπο Bonbobagni Ludovizi, will try for the second time to sell the Villa Orora in three months from today.

At 282 million euros the initial offer for the house

According to her lawyer, Benjamin Miliotti, the second attempt of the auction house "Fallco Zucchetti" will be made with an initial offer of 282 million euros.
". Princess Rita feels tired, but she is calm. "It's an auction that has received worldwide attention and the value of real estate remains incredibly high," said her lawyer.
Villa Aurora, located in the "heart" of Rome, is the legacy of Prince Niccol Μπο Boncobani Ludovisi to his wife, Princess Rita Boncobani Ludovisi.

Rita Boncobani Ludovisi, a 72-year-old American woman who married the Italian prince in 2002, is in danger of losing her home and the right to live there, which her husband gave her in his will, as his three sons from their first marriage asked for a share of more than 50%.

The historic villa from Italy

The Aurora (Aurora-Dawn) mansion owes its name to the fresco by the Italian painter Guercino in 1621, which adorned the ceiling of the reception hall, but its high honor to Caravaggio, who painted the ceiling of another hall.

The luxury building has, in addition to a private beach and indoor pools, the unique ceiling painting that has been attributed to Caravaggio, one of the most subversive and talented painters of all time.

In 1957, the famous painter began to create on the roof three gods: Zeus, Poseidon and Pluto, 2,75 meters wide, each recognized by their respective beasts.

Zeus from the eagle, Poseidon from the hippocampus and Pluto from the three-headed dog Cerberus.

If a buyer of the Aurora villa is finally found, then its sale puts an end to an ongoing inheritance dispute after the death of its owner, Prince Niccol Μπο Boncobani Ludovici in 2018, as reported by the newspaper "La Republica".

His third wife, Princess Rita, has spent the last two decades renovating the villa.

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