Bad weather: Tropical storm "Malakas" raging in Asia - Where did it get its name

In Filipino "malakas" means strong and translates as dynamic - This is not the first time the phenomenon with this name has appeared


The tropics are in the east of the Philippines storm Malakas, as named by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

As the course of the phenomenon shows, the storm may affect Taiwan, the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

He also mentioned the tropical storm through his Facebook account Sakis Arnaoutoglou, who stressed that this is not a joke.


Malakas: What does the name of the tropical storm mean and when did it reappear?

In Filipino malakas it means strong and translates as dynamic. However, this is not the first time that the phenomenon with this name has appeared. To be precise, he "visits" the area every 6 years.

The first time malakas appeared was in 2004. It followed in 2010 and -but in sequence- in 2016. So, with the calendar writing 2022, it was time for him to reappear.

Malakas caught up to 200 km / h

During his two previous appearances, the malakas phenomenon had caused several problems. In September 2010 the tropical storm with the name referring to… Greece, had made a leveling passage through the islands of Japan and then developed into a hurricane, with speeds exceeding 150 kilometers per hour.

In September 2016, a tropical storm caused several problems in Taiwan's capital, Taipei, with winds exceeding 200 kilometers per hour.

It then proceeded to the coast of Japan, causing serious problems off the coast of Kyushu, where a torrential downpour lasted 24 hours and left it behind. 585 millimeters of water in the Nobeoka area.

In fact, in six provinces of Japan, more than 600.000 people they were called to evacuate their homes and the entire land and air transport network pulled the "handbrake". Landslides also occurred in many of the areas affected by the tropical storm.