China: Beijing offers security support to Kazakhstan

China ready to step up law enforcement and security cooperation with neighboring Kazakhstan

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China is ready to step up co-operation with neighboring Kazakhstan on "law enforcement and security" and to assist in the involvement of "external forces", the Chinese Foreign Ministry said today, following violent protests in the central country. Asia.

Wang Yi, who is also a government adviser, made the remarks in a telephone conversation with Kazakh Foreign Minister Mukhtar Tilleuberdi, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

"The recent unrest in Kazakhstan shows that the situation in Central Asia continues to face serious challenges and proves once again that some external forces do not want peace and tranquility in our region," Wang told Teleumberdi. ministry.

Government buildings in Kazakhstan were temporarily occupied or set on fire in several cities last week as initially peaceful protests against rising fuel prices escalated. Soldiers were ordered to shoot to death to quell an uprising across the country.

Authorities have blamed "extremists" for the violence, including Islamist militants trained abroad.

Authorities also asked a Russian-led coalition to send troops, which the government said were deployed to protect strategic locations, a move that has been challenged by the United States.

China is ready to "oppose the intervention and intrusion of any external forces," Wang said.

Chinese President Xi Jinping told Kazakhstan's President Qasim-Jomart Tokayev on Friday that China was resolutely opposed to any outside force destabilizing Kazakhstan and was planning an "orange revolution," according to Chinese state television.

China and Russia believe the "orange revolutions" are uprisings provoked by the United States and other Western powers to bring about regime change.

Source: RES-EAP