Britain: 84-year-old driver for more than 70 years without a license

He was driving a life without ever having a driver's license and safety

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He was driving a life without ever having a driver's license and insurance. 

He is an elderly man who was born in 1938 and told police he had been using the streets of Great Britain without a license since he was 12 years old. The motorist, who stopped near a Tesco Extra in Bulwell, Nottingham, was found to have no license or insurance for more than 70 years.

On Facebook, the Bulwell, Raise Park and Highbury Vale police team said the 84-year-old unknown driver had never had an accident or crash.

"We can not believe what happened… as the driver, born in 1938, said he had been driving without a license and insurance since he was 12 (yes twelve)… and somehow the police had never been able to stop him." , wrote the beginning.

"Fortunately he never had an accident, he did not cause any injuries and he did not make anyone lose money by hitting him while he was uninsured.

"Due to the increased number of ANPR cameras in Nottingham, even on short trips, you may be caught by a camera, so make sure your documents are in order… because it will catch up with you… one day."

This case, as reported by the Independent, comes to the fore and while the Nottinghamshire police recorded a 7% drop in crime in the previous year until September 2021.

According to the latest figures from the National Statistics Office, the drop was much higher than the national average of 1%.