Coronavirus: At 359,3 million cases internationally

How many deaths and how many were recovered

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Coronavirus cases worldwide rose to 359.345.414 and deaths to 5.634.648, according to the latest Worldometer count.

An estimated 284.623.580 people have recovered. Of the 69.087.186 active cases, 68.991.202 (99,9%) have mild symptoms and 95.984 (0,1%) have critical or severe symptoms.

In the US the incidence is 73.449.185 and the death toll is 894.880, while in India the count shows 40.085.116 infections and 491.154 deaths.

In Brazil the number of cases reached 24.334.072 and it is estimated that 623.901 people have died from the disease. In France it is estimated that 17.302.548 have been infected and 129.489 have died, while in the United Kingdom the figures show that there are 16.047.716 incidents and 154.356 deaths respectively.