Confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide rose to 388.5

What is the status of the cases

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The number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide rose to 388,528,066, according to the Worldometer website, while the death toll reached 5.731.638 and 307.985.856 recovered.

According to the data, as of this Friday morning, the cases detected since the beginning of the pandemic worldwide amounted to 388.528.066.

The number of active cases reaches 74.810.572. Of these patients, the condition of 99,9% is mild and of 0,1% severe or critical.

In the US the cases amount to 77.150.412 and the deaths of patients with COVID-19 at 920.829. It is followed by India with 41.952.712 cases and 500.087 patients who have lost their lives, Brazil with 26.099.735 cases and 630.001 casualties, France with 20.147.341 cases and 131.852 deaths and the United Kingdom with 17.607.832 confirmed infections and 157.730 deaths.