Shortly before YouTuber's death, he had filed a lawsuit for "harassment"

"Unfortunately, the lawsuit was filed on the day of her death"

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A mother who maintained a YouTube channel under the pseudonym "Mava Sou" and had been the target of intense internet criticism, filed a lawsuit, shortly before her death, against her ex-husband and "unknown" for harassment, as it became known today by her lawyer.

"A lawsuit had been filed by Maeva (Frosar, her real name) and her new partner for moral harassment and incitement to suicide" against her ex-husband and unknown. "Unfortunately, the lawsuit was filed on the day of her death," Stefan Ziurana was quoted as saying by Vosges Matin.

The death of the 32-year-old woman, last Wednesday night, became known on Thursday through her Facebook page and was confirmed by her family, who asked the world "not to ask to learn more". The causes of death were not specified.

According to Ziurana, "Mava Sou", which had 151.000 subscribers on YouTube, 38.000 followers on Facebook and 90.000 on Instagram, had filed five lawsuits directly with the police department since May 2020, due to the "attacks" it received, but "They led nowhere." "Today, to me it looks like the homicide of modern times. "You can kill someone with some words, with false information and with harassment", he added, noting that the lawsuit will not be withdrawn, since there is a second plaintiff, the partner of "Mava Sou".

"The authorities must definitely react, the law must change, the services must be given the means to identify the harassers, who are brazen, write hidden behind their screens and feel powerful, the fear must change camp," he added.

Mava Sou was a mother of four children and had become known for the videos where she recorded her family life, her "channel" for the metaphysical in collaboration with her ex-husband and her participation in the reality show "We exchanged moms", according to with the newspaper Ouest France.

Source: RES-EAP