World Cup 2022: Macron consoles Mbappe after the final

"The blues made us dream"

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Emmanuel Macron closely watched the final of the 2022 World Cup. During the match, he wildly celebrated France's goals and at the end, when Argentina was crowned world champion, he rushed to console the players of the tricolor.

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The French president came down to the pitch and stood by the players of the national team, after losing the world title to Argentina. At one point, he tried to comfort Kylian Mbappe, who fell into the leader's arms, inconsolable.

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In fact, the Argentinian goalkeeper, Emiliano Martinez, was quick to say a couple of words of consolation to Mbappe.

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Mbappe scored four times in the final against Argentina - twice in the second half to make it 2-2, once in extra-time to make it 3-3 to send the match to penalties and in the "Russian roulette" he also got it right. But this was not enough for France to retain the title of world champion.

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Macron tried to console Mbappe again shortly after, during the medal ceremony, when he had enough to say to him. But the 23-year-old striker barely cracked a smile as a silver medal and the 2022 World Cup top scorer award were not enough to console him.

"The blues made us dream," Emmanuel Macron tweeted after the final. Earlier, the French president had wildly celebrated his team's goals.