A young man fell on the subway tracks and saved a two and a half year old child (VIDEO & PHOTO)

milano Milan, TRAIN

An 18-year-old Italian student was the guardian angel of a small child who fell on the subway tracks in one of the busiest metro stations in Milan.

The station's closed monitoring circuit recorded the scene, in which the two-and-a-half-year-old child falls on the shelves, just one minute before the train arrives at the station.

Lorenzo Pianazza, jumped into the void and not only saved the child but also managed to get one of the little one's toys.

The 18-year-old told local media that he was not afraid for his safety, he only acted with instinct and adrenaline when he saw the small child in danger.

"I saw that until the arrival there was a minute and a half, I knew I could do it on time and no one else was moving, they were stuck, passers-by stopped and looked. "I'm glad I did what I thought was right and did not cause any more problems."

Meanwhile, the station manager, Claudia Flora Castellano, saw the whole thing unfold on the screens from the control room.

He gave orders and pressed the red button to stop the train as soon as he saw what had happened.

The event was praised by the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala, who honored him.