Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, they say in Helsinki

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The meeting of the American President Donald Trump with the Russian President Vladimir Putin in the capital of Finland, Helsinki, is in progress at the moment.


The two leaders "say it" at the Presidential Palace of Finland.



A man who was at the place where the press conference will be held, showed a paper in which reference was made to nuclear weapons.

He was immediately noticed by the security guards, who removed him from the room.


Protests are taking place today in Helsinki, on the occasion of the summit of the two leaders.

Protesters are protesting against the policies of US President Donald Trump.

Typical is the video posted on twitter, which shows a group of protesters pretending to be pregnant, as a sign of protest against the US President's abortion policy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to know how to play the "waiting game" well.

He arrived at the summit today with the US President, 40 minutes late, leaving Donald Trump waiting at the hotel, as he had to arrive at the Presidential Palace after the Russian President.

Observers say Putin is used to letting other officials wait for him.

In 2016 he arrived, two hours late in his meeting with the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe. 

In 2015, he left Pope Francis waiting for him for more than an hour at the Vatican.

In 2014, the German Chancellor was waiting in Milan for the Russian President for a scheduled meeting. He arrived four hours late than originally planned.

Delays have also been reported several times in meetings with Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko.

In a twitter post, CBS News reporter Mark Knoller posted a photo showing preparations for the two leaders' press conference and the room where it will be held.

Donald Trump, leaving his private meeting with Vladimir Putin, said that their meeting is a good start for everyone. Specifically he said:

"I think this is a good start. A very good start for everyone. "

The working lunch between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump is currently underway.

According to the Guardian, the US President was accompanied by US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, National Security Adviser John Bolton, Trump Adviser Fiona Hill and Chief of Staff John White. Kelly. 

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian President Dmitry Petrov's representative attended the dinner together with the Russian President.

The duration of the four-on-four meeting of the two Presidents is out of schedule.

While the one-on-one meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin was scheduled for a total of 90 minutes, their conversation continues.

Official Jonathan Lemire, in a post on twitter, states that the meeting between the two has lasted almost 2 hours.

Meanwhile, several social media users did not miss the opportunity to comment on the body language of the two Presidents. 

Isolating various moments during the meeting of the two leaders, they talk about the attitude that each has towards the other.

The subject of body language commentary was also a black-and-white photo posted by White House spokeswoman Sarah Saunders. 


The White House confirmed that another bilateral meeting will be held between the two leaders and there will also be a joint press conference.

Prior to his meeting with Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump tweeted that he blamed the United States and the opposition for the bad relationship between the United States and Russia.

He specifically stated:

"Our relationship with Russia has never been so bad, thanks to so many years of 'stupidity and stupidity' by the US and now, witch-hunting."

The "witch hunt" is according to the very hunt launched by the FBI, which is investigating possible Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

The two countries' Foreign Ministers, Mike Pompeo and Sergei Lavrov, are holding parallel talks in Helsinki. 

The two ministers are meeting for the first time since Pompeo was appointed US Secretary of State.

Speaking in Russian, Vladimir Putin told the US President:

"Mr President, I am very pleased to meet you here in Finland. We are in constant contact by phone and obviously it is time to have a business conversation. "There are so many things happening in the world that we need to talk about."

Donald Trump mentioned the issues he would like to discuss with Vladimir Putin during their meeting. These issues are:

He also said that the United States and Russia have the opportunity to develop an excellent relationship, which did not exist in previous years. The American President, among other things, said:

"People want to see us united, since we are the two largest nuclear powers and we have 90% of the nuclear power. But this is not good, it is bad ".

Donald Trump did not fail to mention the World Cup organized by Russia this year, from the very first minutes of their meeting. The US President seems to have started the debate by congratulating Vladimir Putin:

"First of all, Mr. President, I would like to congratulate you on the really great World Cup. I watched the whole final and the semifinal and it was really spectacular games. Congratulations".

The motorcade carrying the two Presidents consisted of a different number of cars.

The Russian President was transported by 20 cars, while the American President by 29.

CNN correspondent Sebastian Shukla said he counted 20 cars and an ambulance on Vladimir Putin's motorcade, while 29 counted for Donald Trump.

Earlier, the two presidents arrived at the Presidential Palace of Finland. However, Vladimir Putin arrived 30 minutes late, leaving Donald Trump waiting at the hotel, as he was due to arrive at the Presidential Palace, ten minutes after the Russian president.