The Tomb of Jesus is real! (VIDEO)

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The Tomb of Jesus in Jerusalem is the authentic one according to the discovery by the executives of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). 

The researchers' discovery was presented in National Geographic, and confirms that the tomb was the one erected by the Romans in the middle of the 4th century. As they note, despite the destruction of the Tomb and its leveling in 1007, the construction materials date back to Roman times. The ruins of the cave are located inside the church in the Holy Land. 

According to scientific dating, the rocks of the monument date back to around 345 AD. Inside the Tomb there is even the long wooden narrow "burial bed". Later, a marble was placed on top, and it is estimated that it entered in 1555 AD. 

"Although it is archaeologically impossible to confirm that the tomb is the burial place of a Jew known as Jesus of Nazareth and who according to the New Testament was crucified in Jerusalem in 30 or 33 AD, new scientific dating confirms that the The first construction of the burial monument took place in the time of Constantine, the first Christian emperor of Rome "

NTUA had started restoration work on the monument in October 2016 and then took the first samples. 

During the search, they even found a broken marble with a cross. Scientists disagree about a marble slab which, for them, dates back to the Crusades and, for them, was placed earlier. However, the research of the NTUA, proved that the marble slab was placed under the orders of Constantine the Great, in the first burial monument for Christ.