Russian army: Civilians to leave Kyiv

What the Russian negotiator Vladimir Medinsky says

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All sides should remain calm and avoid further escalation, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said today after Russian President Vladimir Putin alerted Russian nuclear deterrent forces.

In briefing reporters, Wang also reiterated China's view that all countries' legitimate security concerns should be taken seriously.

The Russian military also said today that civilians could leave Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, "freely", while accusing Ukrainian authorities of using them as human shields. "All civilians in the city can leave the Ukrainian capital freely via the Kiev-Vasilkiv highway, in the southwestern part of Kiev," said Igor Konachenkov, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry. air superiority ”throughout Ukraine, on the fifth day of the invasion of the country.

In other news, Russian negotiator Vladimir Medinsky has said that Moscow is interested in reaching an agreement in its talks with Kyiv. The statement came as Russian and Ukrainian officials prepare to meet on the Ukraine-Belarus border. Medinski stated that the negotiations are expected to start at 12:00 (local time, 11:00 Cyprus time.

The UN Human Rights Council has accepted a request from Ukraine, backed by several countries, to hold an emergency meeting in Geneva this week to discuss the Russian invasion of the country. The proposal was put to the vote at the request of Russia, which was opposed at this extraordinary meeting, and was adopted by 29 votes to 5 - with Russia, China and Cuba, among others, voting against - and 13 abstentions.

An extraordinary meeting of the UN General Assembly is scheduled for today in New York, so that its 193 members can discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Tomorrow, Tuesday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell will address the Human Rights Council with videotaped messages. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba will do the same on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Google of Alphabet Inc. confirmed yesterday that it has temporarily disabled some Google Maps for Ukraine, as they offer real-time information about traffic on the streets, as well as the presence of people in various areas.

The company announced that it has taken this step to deactivate the traffic filter provided by Google Maps, as well as to provide real-time information about the presence of people in busy places, such as department stores or restaurants in Ukraine for the safety of local communities in the country, following consultations with the sources of information it receives, including regional authorities.