Fine 8,000 in supermarket - Employees worked without a safe pass

334 inspections were carried out in the Province of Famagusta

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In the last 11 hours, the Police proceeded with the complaint of 2 citizens and 24 premises, after 1.751 inspections carried out throughout Cyprus, in order to ascertain the observance and implementation of the decrees of the Infection Law.

As a representative of the Communication Branch of the Police Headquarters stated in KYPE, in Nicosia 490 inspections were carried out, during which one head of the premises and five citizens were reported.

At Limassol 108 inspections were carried out, from which three complaints of citizens emerged, in Larnaca 415 inspections were carried out without complaints and in Paphos 139 inspections were carried out, which resulted in two complaints from citizens and one property.

At Famagusta 334 checks were carried out and one citizen was reported, while in the area of ​​Morfos 132 were carried out, without any complaints.

In addition, the Traffic Police carried out 125 inspections throughout Cyprus, without any complaints, while complaints did not arise even from the 8 inspections of the port police.

In relation to the fines on the premises, in the province Nicosia A fine of 8 thousand euros was imposed on a supermarket, in which the owner allowed employees to work without a safe pass.

At Paphos A bar case was opened, with the owner being taken to court for serving customers without drink and music licenses.

Source: KYPE