Research: Simultaneous administration of 3rd dose and flu in over 65

People over the age of 65 can safely be vaccinated with both a third booster dose of the coronavirus and the flu

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People over the age of 65 can be effectively and safely vaccinated with both a third booster dose against coronavirus and the flu, according to a new scientific study.

Researchers from Sanofi Pasteur in France and the United States, who published the study in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, according to Reuters, studied 306 people (already vaccinated with two doses of coronavirus, with the second at least five months ago), which in 2021 were randomly divided into three groups: one made Sanofi Fluzone high-dose flu vaccine, the second the Covid-19 of Moderna (booster dose) and the third group received both vaccines (flu and third dose of coronavirus) at the same time. Blood samples were taken from all participants both before and after 21 days of vaccination.

Concomitant administration of the two vaccines was not found to affect the subsequent immune response, as those who had received the two vaccines together developed similar levels of antibodies to those who had received each vaccine separately. There were also no safety issues or serious side effects in those who were vaccinated at the same time.

Source: RES-EAP