They killed and dismembered their son because he was unmarried (pics + video)

By the same methods, they had killed their daughter and son-in-law 10 years ago.

They killed and dismembered their son because he was unmarried

A horrific case shocks Iran. A couple is accused of throwing sedatives at their son's food, stabbing him and then dismembering his body in a "crime of honor". The same couple has also confessed to killing their daughter and son-in-law in the same way.

Akbar and Iran Khorramdin, 81 and 74, were arrested three weeks ago in Tehran on suspicion of killing their son director Babak. His dismembered body had previously been found in a rubbish bin near their home.

When questioned by police, the couple confessed to killing him because he was single. He then confessed to the murder of Faramarz's son-in-law and Arezou's daughter, years ago, for their "immoral" behavior, according to Iranian media quoted by the Daily Mail.

"I do not have a guilty conscience for any of the murders. "Those I killed were extremely morally corrupt," the father said during a court appearance.

Babak's mother, Iran, added: "We both planned the killings. My husband said it and I said OK. I'm not sad at all. "I suffered a lot because of them."

Police are continuing their investigation into the crimes, according to the Iranian website Tasnim.

The couple faces up to 10 years in prison for killing their children in the face of a stricter interpretation of Iranian law that provides less harsh sentences for parents who kill their children, according to the Daily Mail. However, they can be sentenced to life in prison if convicted of killing their son-in-law.

The gruesome story first came to light on May 16th when cleaners discovered a dismembered corpse in a bin near the Ekbatan neighborhood.

Police called and identified the victim as Babak Khorramdin, a filmmaker who studied and worked in London since 2010 before returning to Iran to teach.

Police went to the parents' house and arrested them when they found evidence inside. They initially denied the killings, but later confessed that they had put sedatives in their son's food and then stabbed him while he was semi-unconscious. They transported his body to the bathroom, where they dismembered it, put its limbs in a suitcase and threw it in the trash.

By the same methods they had killed their daughter and son-in-law 10 years ago. The latter was killed because he was abusive and the daughter because she did drugs and brought lovers home. The couple claimed that they had both disappeared, presumably that they had left to live abroad and that the police never investigated their disappearance.

It is now being investigated whether there are other family members who have mysteriously disappeared.

via: e-Daily