Shock from the murder of the 2-year-old in Serbia: The perpetrators met the father before disposing of her body

Traces of the 2-year-old's blood were found in the perpetrators' car

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Investigations into the disappearance of 2-year-old Danka Ilić in Serbia came to a tragic end, as her body was found in an illegal dump.

Little Danka, who became known as "the girl with the pacifier", was playing in the yard of her house in the village of Bansko Polije when she disappeared. Two employees of the water company confessed their guilt for her death, who drove her away with their official vehicle while they were carrying out works in the area. They then placed the lifeless body in the trunk where they kept their tools and took it to an illegal dump. In fact, on the street they met Danka's father, who had already started looking for her and asked them if they had seen her, with the perpetrators, of course, answering in the negative.

There was an unprecedented mobilization for the child's disappearance. For the first time, an Amber Alert was activated, while an international warrant was issued by Interpol, as there were suspicions that he had been kidnapped and taken to a neighboring country.

They cleaned the car with chemicals

Hopes that she would be found safe were revived over the weekend when Serbian media released a video showing a child resembling her at a bus station in Vienna.

The discovery of Dunk's body was announced by Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vutic, who called the perpetrators monsters. "The police arrested two people who killed the little girl. From what I understand, both have confessed to the crime," he said, and wondered, "What kind of monsters are we dealing with?"

The Minister of the Interior revealed that the perpetrators, although they have confessed, are trying to place the blame on each other. After disposing of the body of the little girl at the dump, they cleaned the car with chemicals so as not to leave any genetic material, however, according to the Serbian agency, the medical examiners managed to find traces of the girl's blood.