The Commission is proposing a gradual easing of restrictive measures at long intervals

Gradual return of workers and the lifting of bans on large concentrations, e.g. festival at a later stage

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The European Commission is proposing a gradual easing of measures to curb social and economic activity, "over long periods of time", according to an internal document entitled "Exit Strategy" revealed today by the newspaper Die Welt.

According to the newspaper, the Commission proposes that states lift the restrictions first at the local level and gradually widen the gap, but ensure a sufficient interval between each stage.

As a point of reference, the authors of the document give one month between each individual step towards normalization. In principle, it should be noted, the measures should henceforth be more targeted and therefore vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, should continue to be protected for a longer period of time. Bars, restaurants, cinemas and cultural venues should be reopened gradually.

"The lifting of the ban on large concentrations, e.g. the festivals should be held at a later stage ", says the Commission.

With regard to work, the Commission emphasizes that "not all the population should return to work at the same time". Instead, it is emphasized, priority should be given to the most essential areas, while considering whether a branch is suitable for work from home.

Source: KYPE-APE